One Direction At Apple Music Festival

Little Mix have already been lined up to guide One Direction for the Apple Music Festival in London later.
And without doubt the two groups should have plenty to speak about after both boyband and Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards, 22, were dumped by Zayn Malik within the last few few months.

Zayn famously left One Direction way back in March to become ‘normal 22 year old’ and hang out with his fiancee but she remained devastated after he dumped her without warning by text a month ago.

Despite the individual drama, fans come in for a treat as both groups are with the top of their game today, riding rich in the charts with new singles.

Little Mix happen to be hard at work for the promotional trail for Black Magic while 1D’s Drag Me Down, their first single without Zayn, hit the top of the the charts worldwide after having a stealth release.
This uses Zayn threw shade at Little Mix on Twitter recently before being dissed by former bandmate Louis Tomlinson, 23.

Drag Me Down – One Direction

Fans were left shocked after Zayn retweeted a communication on Twitter which read, ‘Which is the foremost single? Retweet – ‘Worth It’ by Fifth Harmony. Favorite – ‘Black Magic’ by Little Mix (sic).’

This came brand new show after Perrie perceived to hit out at Zayn as she called 1D’s first song without him ‘incredible’.
She said: ‘I like One Direction’s new song ‘Drag Me Down. It’s incredible.’

Meanwhile, when Zayn experienced an argument with Calvin Harris, 31, on social media soon, Louis waded in, showing his support for Calvin by favouriting the Scottish DJ’s tweet.
The feud started when Malik retweeted a post comparing Taylor Swift’s refusal to stream her music free of charge with a quote from Miley Cyrus saying she doesn’t love money. ‘The difference is astounding,’ wrote the poster.

A furious Harris was quick to protect his girlfriend Taylor, writing ‘You’ve made your hard earned money? Cool… f**k the 99% of musicians who be determined by these services to live, right? Yeah f**k em.’

This quickly deteriorated in to a war of words with Zayn and although it was occurring, Louis favourited Calvin’s tweet.

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