One Direction’s Drummer Josh Devine Own SP

Josh Devine wants his fans to find out he’s not only the drummer for One Direction.

The 24-year-old, who’s got been drumming since he was several years old, sings and plays piano, guitar and bass. Devine is definitely around music since they can remember; his dad would be a singer from the U.K. band Seven. When Devine decided he planned to pursue music, he was quoted saying he took every opportunity he can get to put his name on the market.

The young musician’s first big break was when he caused One Direction on their own first live concert after finishing third on The X Factor within the U.K.

“One day I aroused from sleep and I stood a phone call from Chris Leonard — he wrote ‘Lego House’ [with] Ed Sheeran,” Devine tells Billboard. “He was assembling at the time a band just for this new boy band who had just appear a TV thing, plus they asked me if I’d become, not to mention I’d accepted.”

Devine joined One Direction’s band full-time and possesses been touring using them for the last four years, nonstop. But now, the musician is taken a new turn in his career: He is set to produce his EP, Through the Fire, on Aug. 24.

Devine partnered with U.K. songwriter Ollie Green for the EP. The two first met during that One Direction post-X Factor performance, and they also started writing in 2014 during any down time they could find after Devine’s studio sessions with One Direction.

“It’s a crazy in time my life,” according to him. “We actually wrote [our songs] for some individuals. It appeared we thought, ‘Eh, this may go pretty cool — we need to just make it.'”

Through Fire

The drummer says the EP is often a mix of his personal sound, that she describes being a bit of rock and pop, and Green’s, who can be a fan of rap and dance music. They made the pop-rock tracks in their own business, despite Devine’s 3.six million Twitter followers and a huge number of fans anticipating the EP release.

“It’d be cool, doing my music, rather than being from the background almost playing other people’s music — which I love,” Devine says. “But it might be cool to view music that I’ve written sung to us. That’d are the dream.”

Devine says he finds himself writing tracks which are more guitar-driven. He describes his personal taste as edgy and gritty, much like the Foo Fighters and Linkin Park — but he loves that this pop songs that One Direction sings could possibly get stuck mentally. His goal with Through the Fire is often a combination of both: a catchy pop-rock EP.

“I try for everything I do to experience a positive message. There’s much negativity today,” he tells. “I can just write music that’s uplifting and music which makes you be ok with yourself and makes you really feel good about the entire world around you. I just seek to stay as humble as is possible.”

Despite his new direction and passion in your life, Devine says he’ll stay with the guys who helped him launch his career.

“I’ll always play for One Direction as being a drummer after they want me to,” Devine tells Billboard. “I’m using them till the end. Drumming is my passion following the day.”

Check out his new video for “Through the Fire” below and preorder his upcoming EP on iTunes:

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